Ian Lawson - From the Land

From the Land

Comes the Cloth

Ian Lawson’s From The Land is a peerless body of work, culminating in this magnificent book of stunning images and story. Through photography and words, From The Land, grants access to the Harris Tweed industry, from the crofts upon which the wool is brought forth to the shearers and those who share tasks in turning fleece into the finest of hand-woven cloth and onwards through their villages, lands and lives.

Set with the context of Ian’s deeply personal narrative, From The Land is a journey into the heart of the Hebrides. A truly stunning exploration of people and place, both visual and poetic, these most special of islands are brought to light as never before, timeless in their history, vibrant and vital. From the expanses of heathered moor and endless sky to the intimacy of the croft house and peat-smoked fireside, the From The Land book brings these remotest of places closer to the inquisitive heart than ever before.

Classic Edition & Slipcase - £135.00

From the Land is available to buy online direct from the author. Worldwide certified shipping from Scotland. Books are packaged in custom-cut boxes and guaranteed to arrive in your hands in perfect condition, whatever your location.

Ian Lawson - Harris Tweed Book

Failte – An Island Welcome

It is a rare thing to capture the essence of the Outer Hebrides. The true nature of life here, set within season after season of an ever-changing landscape, is elusive, only ever truly revealed to those with time, patience and a quieted soul. Harder still is to understand the profound relationship between islanders and the land here, exemplified by the deep connection between our weavers and the Clò Mòr.

We at the Harris Tweed Authority act as guardian of this most precious of cloths, holding generations of tradition in trust, our Orb Trademark representing our pride in the provenance, quality and heritage of this most unique of industries. The symbol we grant is a guarantee in law that our tweed has been woven from pure new wool, dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides and woven by islanders by hand at their homes.

As governing body charged with the protection of this special industry, the importance placed on our name and work means our endorsement is not given lightly.  However, such is the Authority’s pride in the work Ian Lawson has created through his long-term dedication to the From The Land project we are delighted and privileged to endorse this magnificent documentary.

It is a work of stunning originality and power, exhibiting a deeply personal poetry through his wonderful photography, intertwining his unique life and world-views with that of our own. Uncommonly, he has sought out and found so many of those rare and radiant things that represent our collection of destinies, defines who we are as islanders and presents a unified portrayal of our cherished homeland.

A rare thing indeed.

On behalf of the people of the Outer Hebrides, the mill workers and weavers, crofters and all those who call these remote islands home, we welcome you to join our journey with Ian into the heart of the Hebrides.

Norman L Macdonald
Chairman, Harris Tweed Authority