The relationship between the mill and the weaver is central to the production of Harris Tweed. There are currently three Harris Tweed mills operating on the islands, all three in the Isle Of Lewis.

The Harris Tweed Scotland mill is located in the main town of Stornoway, the Harris Tweed Hebrides mill is located on west coast of the island in the small village of Shawbost and just south of them is the Carloway Mill in the village of Carloway.

Each mill is different in terms of size, output, focus and type of equipment but all carry out the dyeing, blending, carding, spinning, warping and finishing tasks with their teams of skilled staff and workers and work closely with the weavers to bring Harris Tweed to market.

Please visit their websites for orders or to consult on patterns and potential projects.

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Small Producers

Perhaps the most crucial part of the Harris Tweed process, weavers are the skilled artisans that turn the woolen yarn into the big cloth that becomes Harris Tweed.

Skills are passed on from generation to generation, old to young, through formal and informal training, the skills taking months to transfer and many years to master.

Weavers can work in partnership with the mills to meet a multitude of challenging orders for international markets or independently on custom and bespoke commissions for private clients.

A number of weavers now work solely on their own allowing small, unusual and personalised patterns to be produced to very specific customer demands.

Please visit their websites for more information and to enquire about smaller, more bespoke orders.


Harris Tweed can be purchased throughout the world, through the finest stores and retailers.

From Saks of 5th Avenue and Harvey Nichols of Knightsbridge to Glasgow boutiques and streetwear shops of Tokyo the Clo Mor can be bought wherever you are in the world.

Traditional jackets and suits, catwalk couture, millenary, accessories, cutting edge streetwear...there really is no end to the use of Harris Tweed.


Many of the world’s finest clothing and textile designers have fallen in love with Harris Tweed and have made it a staple of their collections year after year.

There are no shortage of style visionaries interpreting and reinterpreting our cloth, some just emerging, some long established.

Regardless, we’re proud that even after 100 years our Orb is still making its mark in fashion house and designer’s studios the world over.


While the majority of Harris Tweed is shipped in multiples of traditional lengths we continue to support the craftsperson seeking limited quantities for their myriad of creative endeavors.

Continuing the skillful handiwork of the weavers and mill workers, yard after yard of Harris Tweed ends up in equally dexterous hands becoming all manner of incredible creations.

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