The Harris Tweed® Cloth

A Sustainable Industry

Harris Tweed®

100% Natural

Harris Tweed is made from 100% British wool, naturally renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. Add to this that wool is breathable, wind and waterproof and flame resistant, all without the need for additional finishes.

A Fabric for life

Harris Tweed is a high performance fabric: durable, requiring minimal laundering, and long lasting. And being made from wool, is fully biodegradable.

Minimising our environmental impact

All Harris Tweed mills comply with UK legislative standards, using only 100% wool which is a natural, biodegradable fibre.

Sustaining a Heritage Industry

Harris Tweed is more than a unique handwoven product. Produced only in the Outer Hebrides, Harris Tweed sustains specialist weaving and textile production skills throughout remote rural communities – generating sustainable employment opportunities through generations of islanders.

Why sustainability is important

Harris Tweed®

Harris Tweed has been around for nearly 200 years and we want it to be around for many more. Sustainability is for our environment and our community, ensuring responsible practices throughout the Harris Tweed industry. This means aiming for sustainable production levels across the industry, rather than the dramatic peaks and troughs that so blighted our industry in the past.

A sustainable Harris Tweed industry:

  • Supports a unique tradition of skilled hand-weaving.
  • Provides year-round secure employment. Our annual output of 1-1.5m metres supports employment of 220 weavers and 160 jobs in the wider industry.
  • Encourages new generations to join the industry.
  • Allows businesses to plan investment in training and innovation.
  • Uses renewable and biodegradable fibres.
  • Minimises the environmental impact of manufacturing.
  • Ensures sustainability is integral to the Harris Tweed ethos.

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