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Labels Policy and Brand Use Rules

The role of the Harris Tweed Authority is to protect and promote the Harris Tweed brand and reputation. We neither make Harris Tweed cloth nor sell Harris Tweed items. To ensure that you help preserve the quality of the brand, it is essential that you read the Labels Policy and Brand Use Rules when using Harris Tweed.

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Use of Harris Tweed® Checklist Label Policy & Brand Use Rules

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Official Display Cards

Harris Tweed Authority

These brightly coloured cards are perfect for designers as inspiration, makers to complement products, sellers to refresh displays, or for all you Harris Tweed® lovers who just want something beautiful to mount on a wall or brighten up a bookcase!

There are six cards in total. Each one celebrates an aspect that makes Harris Tweed® such a beautiful, versatile and historical fabric – Natural, Beauty, Colour, Pattern, Modern and Heritage make up the full set.

The set of cards is carefully packaged by our HTA team and sent to you via Signed For Royal Mail.

Buy Full Set - £7.99

* Free postage & packaging on UK orders.

For international orders, please contact enquiries@harristweed.org

Harris Tweed Gift Cards
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Harris Tweed Cards
Harris Tweed Gift Cards
Harris Tweed Gift Cards
Harris Tweed Gift Cards