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The Harris Tweed® Journal

6. Process: Weaving

11th November

The Harris Tweed® Process

6. Weaving

All Harris Tweed® cloth is woven on a treadle loom at an islander’s home, not at a mill. The warp and weft yarns arrive from the mill. Then the weaver sets to work, hand tying the new yarns to the tail-ends of the previous weave, to make it easier to thread onto the loom. Weaving the cloth can now begin under the careful observation of the weaver.

6. A’ Fighe

Tha an Clò Hearach air fad air fhighe air beairt aig dachaigh a’ bhreabadair is chan ann ann am muilinn. Bidh snàth-dlùth agus an snàth-cur a’ tighinn bhon mhuilinn. Bidh am breabadair an uair sin a’ tòiseachadh a’ ceangal a’ chlò a-steach dhan bheart, a’ ceangal nan snàithlein ri deireadh a’ chlò a bha sa bheairt ron fhear seo (fuidheag) gus am bi e nas fhasa a cheangal a-steach. Faodar an uair sin tòiseachadh a’ fighe fo shùil gheur a’ bhreabadair.

Photograph of Colin Macleod double-width weaving | Jackson Tucker Lynch

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