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A’ Stampadh

2nd February

A’ Stampadh

Is e an ìre mu dheireadh sa phròiseas neach-sgrùdaidh neo-eisimeileach bho Ùghdarras a’ Chlò Hearaich a bhith a’ sgrùdadh a’ chlò, agus ma bhios an neach-sgrùdaidh riaraichte gu bheil an clò a’ ruighinn nan ìrean, thèid comharra teisteanachaidh ainmeil an Òrb a chur air taobh cùil an aodaich le iarann teth. Is e seo an seula ùghdarrais dheireannaich.

“The final stage in the process is the examination by the independent Harris Tweed Authority inspector, who, when satisfied that the cloth meets the standards, applies the famous Orb certification mark, which is ironed on to the reverse of the fabric. This is the ultimate seal of authenticity.”

To learn more about the Process of Harris Tweed® fabric, visit our Process Page, available both in English, and Gaelic.

The featured Harris Tweed® fabric was handwoven for island mill Harris Tweed Hebrides. For more details visit our website:

Photograph by Alison Johnston | encompass

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Am Pròiseas

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