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The role of the Harris Tweed Authority is to protect and promote the Harris Tweed brand and reputation. We neither make Harris Tweed cloth nor sell Harris Tweed items. To ensure that you help preserve the quality of the brand, it is essential that you read the Labels Policy and Brand Use Rules when using Harris Tweed.

The Harris Tweed® Journal

Eilean Glas

1st February

This cheerful Harris Tweed® check balances blue, green, red and yellow.
One of the first to be built in Scotland, Eilean Glas lighthouse at Scalpay was completed in 1789. On a sunny day (like the one photographed here by our own Harris Tweed Authority inspector, Calum Stewart), Eilean Glas looks positively cheerful. However, when its very first keeper, Alexander Reid, retired after 34 years of service, he was described as ‘weatherbeaten and stiff by long exposure on the Point of Glas.’
No doubt he would have appreciated the hardy warmth of Harris Tweed® fabric to protect him as he faced down the worst of the weather over the years!

Eilean Glas Lighthouse
Photo by Calum Stewart

Harris Tweed® cloth handwoven by Rebecca Hutton of Taobh Tuath Tweeds

Source: nlb.org.uk

Eilean Glas Lighthouse

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