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FAQ #2

4th August

FAQ #2: “How do I care for my Harris Tweed® product”
All Harris Tweed® is made from 100% Pure New Wool and as such we recommend – when required – to dry clean at a reputable dry cleaning outlet to ensure that the superior quality of your cloth is maintained. Careful hand-washing in lukewarm water (30 deg.) is also possible using a gentle wool detergent, rinsing well and air drying naturally, but be careful if your item has a lining which is made from a different material. Major stains require a professional dry cleaner, but minor marks can be removed by hand using a proprietary stain remover and a light dabbing action – test a small area first! However, before going for a full on wash, a simple airing of your Harris Tweed® bag or garment outdoors can remove any odours naturally and give a great freshen up.
To read more about the process used to make pure wool into Harris Tweed fabric, see link below.
The featured Harris Tweed® design is handwoven for the mill, Harris Tweed Hebrides
Photograph of Harris Tweed® fabric | encompass
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