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The role of the Harris Tweed Authority is to protect and promote the Harris Tweed brand and reputation. We neither make Harris Tweed cloth nor sell Harris Tweed items. To ensure that you help preserve the quality of the brand, it is essential that you read the Labels Policy and Brand Use Rules when using Harris Tweed.

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FAQ #2

4th August

FAQ #2: “How do I care for my Harris Tweed® product”
All Harris Tweed® is made from 100% Pure New Wool and as such we recommend – when required – to dry clean at a reputable dry cleaning outlet to ensure that the superior quality of your cloth is maintained. Careful hand-washing in lukewarm water (30 deg.) is also possible using a gentle wool detergent, rinsing well and air drying naturally, but be careful if your item has a lining which is made from a different material. Major stains require a professional dry cleaner, but minor marks can be removed by hand using a proprietary stain remover and a light dabbing action – test a small area first! However, before going for a full on wash, a simple airing of your Harris Tweed® bag or garment outdoors can remove any odours naturally and give a great freshen up.
To read more about the process used to make pure wool into Harris Tweed fabric, see link below.
The featured Harris Tweed® design is handwoven for the mill, Harris Tweed Hebrides
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