The Harris Tweed® Journal

HTA x RSPB Series: Part two

31st May

Harris Tweed golden eagle

Iolaire Buidhe (Gaelic name)
Golden Eagle

The Outer Hebrides has the highest density of golden eagles in the whole of Europe. This is due to the fact they are usually found on mountainsides and around sea cliffs – the latter of which we have plenty!

20% of Scotland’s golden eagle population is in the Outer Hebrides, with 95 pairs at the last count. Golden eagles are more often than not seen as pair as they usually mate for life.

A breeding pair is formed in a courtship display, which includes the male bird picking up a piece of rock or a small stick and dropping it, only to enter into a steep dive and catch it in mid-air, repeating this three or more times to attract its mate. The female takes a clump of earth and drops and catches it in the same fashion.

The golden eagle’s bold, brown feathers and bright beak and talons can be seen throughout this elegant Harris Tweed® cloth.


Golden Eagle | Cliff Reddick
Harris Tweed® | Harris Tweed Authority

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