The Harris Tweed® Journal

International Women’s Day 2021

8th March

We took a moment today to appreciate all of the hard working and talented women right across our industry – of which there are many, and only some are pictured in our collage.
The weavers, the darners, the designers, the lawyers, the apprentices, the artisans, the students, the business owners. Those in accounting, those in administration, those in marketing and those in housekeeping. The creative types, the policy making types, the story telling types. The mothers, the sisters, the grannies, the carers, the friends, the daughters and those who have left behind a legacy.
We’re very proud of all who work, and have worked, so hard to keep our inclusive industry strong; always challenging, forever protecting, and all to ensure that Harris Tweed® is there for the generations of islanders yet to come.

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