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The Harris Tweed® Journal

3.Process: Blending & Carding

21st October

The Harris Tweed® Process

3. Blending & Carding

The dyed wools are weighed in pre-determined proportions and thoroughly blended to exact recipes to obtain the perfect hue. They are then carded between mechanical, toothed rollers that tease and mix the fibres before being separated into a fragile, embryonic yarn.

3. A’ Measgachadh & A’ Càrdadh

Tha an snàth a tha air a dhath air a chothromachadh ann an co-rèir ro-rùnaichte agus air a mheasgachadh gu math gus an dearbh thuar fhaighinn. Tha e an uair sin air a chàrdadh a’ cleachdadh roilearan fiaclach, meacanaigeach a bhios a’ cìreadh agus a’ measgachadh nan snàthlainn mus bi iad air an toirt bho chèile mar shnàth feumail.

Photography by Janet Miles

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