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Small Snow of the Lambs

5th April

Sneachd Beag nan Uan

Indeed, we’re not quite seeing the typical ‘Spring colours’ you would expect to be looking at outside here in the Outer Hebrides today… But we do like to remain consistent and true to the past. You’d be surprised how often we see snow falling and and winds howling in early April and during lambing season, reflected in this Gaelic phrase mentioned to us the other day – ‘sneachd beag nan uan’ (literal meaning: ‘the small snow of the lambs’).
There’s great beauty to be found in our intense, our fierce, our deep and sometimes dark, our memorable and our powerful climate. They too are the characteristics handwoven into the very makings of our island industry’s fabric.

This photograph of cloth is from our archive. You can find the contact details of all producers of Harris Tweed® fabric on our website, see link below.

Photograph by Lewis Mackenzie.
black and white sheep

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