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16th September

There may be a few minor details that would differ, but this photograph could be taken yesterday.
In 1906 a meeting was held in Stornoway to discuss a system whereby the tweed was inspected and, if passed, given a certifying stamp that would give confidence to the trade and public. In 1909, The Harris Tweed Association Limited (now the Harris Tweed Authority) was formed to register the famous Orb and Maltese Cross with the words Harris Tweed underneath as a trademark. This certification mark was registered in 1910 and stamping began in 1911.
Since this time, every single length of Harris Tweed® fabric is examined by an independent Harris Tweed Authority inspector, who, when satisfied that the cloth meets the standards, applies the famous Orb certification mark, which is ironed on to the reverse of the fabric. This is the ultimate seal of authenticity.
To read more on the history of the Harris Tweed industry, see link below. 
Photographer Unknown

The History of Harris Tweed® Fabric

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