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The Harris Tweed® Journal

7. Process: Finishing

18th November

The Harris Tweed® Process

7. Finishing

The tweed returns to the mill in its ‘greasy state’ and here it passes through the nimble hands of experienced, sharp-eyed darners who correct even the smallest of flaws. Dirt, oil and other impurities are removed by washing and beating in soda and soapy water, before it is dried, steamed, pressed and cropped to a perfect, flawless condition.

7. A’ Sgeadachadh

Bidh an clò a’ dol air ais chun na muilne ann an riochd neo-ullaichte is ann an seo bidh e a’ dol tro làmhan gleusta luchd-dàrnaidh eòlach a bhios a’ ceartachadh eadhoin nam mearachdan as lugha. Bidh salachar, ola agus truaillidhean sam bith eile air an toirt air falbh le bhith a’ nighe a’ chlò agus ga bhualadh ann an uisge le sòda agus siabann mus bi e air a thiormachadh, air a stiomadh, air a bhruthadh sìos is air a sgioblachadh gus am bi e ann an suidheachadh foirfe is grinn.

Photographs: Finishing Process | Jackson Tucker Lynch

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