The Harris Tweed® Journal


19th March

Maker: Blackhouse (Scotland) ltd.

Behind the brand: Graham Blackadder

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We combine Harris Tweed® heritage with bespoke contemporary design for a lifetime of luxury living.

Recognising the desire for people to have something truly exclusive in their homes, something which embodies all the rugged characteristics, humble prestige and timeless style of Harris Tweed® cloth, Director Graham Blackadder introduced Scotland’s only luxury handcrafted Harris Tweed® furniture company, Blackhouse.

“Our luxury furniture not only adds exclusivity to your home and enhances your lifestyle but it makes you feel part of something truly special.”

With a range of over 17 fabrics, Blackhouse caters for clients in search of more traditional patterns and colours, as well as those seeking more vibrant and modern designs. “The beauty about bespoke is we can work with clients to achieve exactly what they want, whether that’s a certain shape and style of sofa, a matching or contrasting chair, a combination of tweed fabrics or a particular colour of timber frame.” At Blackhouse, we don’t simply apply a one-tweed-fits-all approach to our furniture. We understand that offering our clients choice, is intrinsic to creating a truly luxurious experience, from initial designs to delivery and beyond.

Harris Tweed® embodies everything we associate with the rugged landscape of Scotland’s unique Hebridean Islands. Vibrant heathers, subtle mosses, wild lochs, moody mountains and impressive skies are all entwined in the DNA of our beautiful Harris Tweed® cloth. Made using unique skills from a place of unwavering heritage and identity, Harris Tweed® has become not just the cloth of quality, strength and endurance but of luxurious style, versatility and unique beauty. At Blackhouse we use medium-weight Harris Tweed® fabrics, giving our furniture a soft yet uniquely robust, superior quality finish, as well as an unprecedented range of patterns and colours to choose from. Using carefully selected, sustainably-sourced and handcrafted hard wood timber frames, each finished piece not only looks beautifully made but is built to last a lifetime.

At Blackhouse, we invest in protecting our Harris Tweed® fabrics, so our furniture will not only look and feel at its best but will last a lifetime. Each bespoke piece is TeflonTM coated to protect against stains, spills, soiling and fading without impacting upon the breathability, performance, comfort and style of the  Harris Tweed® fabric.

The quality, style, history and heritage makes Harris Tweed® fabric the ideal choice for Blackhouse and for those looking to bring luxury into their homes and lifestyles.


Blackhouse Ltd.

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