The Harris Tweed® Journal

FAQ #3

11th August

FAQ #3: “What kind of dyes are used for Harris Tweed® fabric?”
There are three Harris Tweed® mills here on the Isle of Lewis who each dye the wool with carefully selected synthetic dyes for their own yarn production. Each mill dyes the wool prior to being spun as opposed to dyeing spun yarn, which means that different coloured wools are blended to create a myriad of intricate shades and hues.
Natural dyes can no longer be used, though were used at the very start of our industry’s story. However, we are proud to say that Harris Tweed® is a truly ecologically sound textile, with a low-impact VOC (volatile organic compound) absorbent production process, and is non-allergenic and biodegradable.
To read more about the sustainability of the Harris Tweed® industry, see link below. 
The featured Harris Tweed® design is handwoven for the mill, Harris Tweed Hebrides
Photograph of Harris Tweed® fabric | encompass

A Sustainable Industry

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