The Harris Tweed® Journal

Our Harris Tweed® Family: Saying Hello!

18th April

Family is everything in times like this, and it’s more important than ever that we check in and say hello to each other. Here’s an update – which might just make you chuckle towards the end – from Colin Hulme, the HTA’s legal advisor and member of the HTA family.

“The Burness Paull team, which supports the Harris Tweed Authority, had switched to remote working the week before the Government announced the lockdown so we are now really getting used to it. The Firm had made some big investments in our tech in recent years so that aspect of working from home was fine, the bigger challenge has been to keep our feeling of being part of a team whilst working in isolation. We have found daily catch ups on Skype to make such a big difference and regular team quizzes have been brilliant. I am sure it is just a delay in my Wi-Fi which means I don’t get in with the right answer first!

I am at home in Falkirk with my wife and our two teenage sons. The biggest lockdown mistake I have made has been was being persuaded by my kids to join them in dying my hair “platinum blonde”. My hair went Irn Bru® ginger which, I am sure works for some but, was not the look I was going for. The only solution was to have it all shaved off. I have to confess, a small part of me hopes the lockdown doesn’t end too soon….”


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