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The role of the Harris Tweed Authority is to protect and promote the Harris Tweed brand and reputation. We neither make Harris Tweed cloth nor sell Harris Tweed items. To ensure that you help preserve the quality of the brand, it is essential that you read the Labels Policy and Brand Use Rules when using Harris Tweed.

The Harris Tweed® Journal

Siegmund & Fritz

5th May

Siegmund & Fritz combines locally tanned, quality leather with Harris Tweed® fabric to create entirely handmade & sustainable pieces that last. 

Created in northern Germany in 2015 by former metal worker and graphic designer, Maurice Bock, Siegmund & Fritz was named after his two grandfathers who, in his words, ‘grew up in a time where you couldn’t afford to buy cheap,’ driving his ethos for quality and durability.

After using a weekender bag made from leather and Harris Tweed® fabric for many years, he was inspired to create a range of bags that combined classic designs using these materials for genuine products that stood the test of time.

He says, ‘The huge benefit in using Harris Tweed® fabric for me is the durability, the history and making of the cloth – a perfect match with my designs and philosophy in sustainability…’

His passion for combining these two materials comes from a drive to make his products entirely by hand, and is what he describes as one of the most important parallels between his brand and the ethos of Harris Tweed® fabric – ‘genuine hand(muscle)made.




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Siegmund & Fritz

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