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The Harris Tweed® Journal

Hands that Make Harris Tweed®: Part 3

8th June

The Hands that make Harris Tweed®

A’ Snìomh

Some of you may have guessed what Part 3 of our ‘Hands that make Harris Tweed®’ series is…

Yes, it’s spinning of course!

Those slivers of wool (the ones we talked about last week) are now ready to be twisted together at high speed to give it maximum strength for weaving. The spun yarn is then wound onto ‘bobbins’ to provide the ingredients for the loom: weft (left to right threads) and warp (vertical threads).

The way some of us in the office remember which is which, is to think of ‘weft to right’!

Photograph taken by Jane Hepburn Macmillan

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The Process


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