The Harris Tweed® Journal

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

24th December

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
And deep in the mill,
One creature was stirring.
Oh, what a thrill!
A little red robin,
Perched on the tweeds,
Watched o’er the designers
Planning their weaves.
Check, check, overcheck,
Herringbone and twill:
Like the bright-coloured paper
With our gifts we do fill.
Yarns stacked like a tree
Fills us with glee.
The Orb makes its mark
On a Christmas tweed.
The looms are quiet,
The weavers finally rest.
Wintry nights chill
And we are blessed…
To live on these islands
Where tradition goes hand
In hand with the future
To enrich this land.
So, our thanks go to all
Who weave and who make,
Who cherish, who love
All Harris Tweed creates.
We feel that you too
Deserve the glory
To be part of
Our Harris Tweed story!
Merry Christmas
From all of the Harris Tweed Authority team
harris tweed authority christmas

Harris Tweed® Journal

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